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Thousands on hand for inspiring Wounded Warriors game

By Kevin Kernan – New York Post

Take notice, take a stand and take heart.

That is the lesson after spending Wednesday night with real heroes, men who happened to be playing a football game in New Jersey, four days before Super Bowl XLVIII.

Inside Essex County’s Richard J. Codey Arena, ex-Giants receiver Phil McConkey looked around the turf field at the Wounded Warrior Amputee football team.

“We’ve got problems in our country,’’ McConkey told The Post. “But I think people need to come to an event like this and meet some of these people, understand who they are, and what they are going through.

“I went to the Naval Academy two years after a war ended. I was in the military in a Cold War. These kids went after 9/11. After the war in Iraq started. That tells you all you need to know about who they are, their character and what our future holds. We need to welcome them back with open arms, assimilate them back into society, so we all can benefit.  …Read Full Story