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Dan Lasko

Dan Lasko Dan Lasko

Dan Lasko is from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. On the early morning of September 11, 2001, Dan raised his right hand to defend and uphold the US constitution (swearing in) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to become a Marine in the United States Marine Corps. Shortly after visiting the recruiting station, Dan was prepared to leave for boot camp but was sent back home due to all flights being grounded on that fateful day. One week later (September 17, 2011) Dan was sent to Paris Island for basic training. Three years later, Dan was deployed to Afghanistan with the 22 Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU).

On April 24, 2004, Dan’s convoy was ambushed by Taliban fighters. The armored vehicle that Dan was riding in struck two improvised exploding devices (IEDs). The injuries were severe enough that Dan lost his left leg below the knee.

Six months into recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and after receiving first running prosthetic, Dan ran the Army 10 miler in Washington, DC. Athletics have played a major role in Dan’s recovery and remain an important part of his life today.

Dan is married Jess and they have a three-year old son, Luke! Dan is currently a Junior at Kutztown, University of Pennsylvania.

Athletics Accomplishments:

  • Superbowl XLVI First WWAFT game: ESPN MVP with 5 TD catches and 2 Interceptions
  • Raced in over 30 triathlons since 2005, ranging from sprint distances to ½ Iron Man
  • **Most notable triathlons: 2008 Escape from Alcatraz, 2010 NYC Paratriathlon Championships
  • Completed 5 marathons and qualified for the 2014 Boston Marathon
  • **Most notable marathon 2013 Copenhagen Marathon running alongside wounded Danish warriors
  • 2011 Warrior Games participant representing the USMC in swimming, track, and sitting volleyball
  • Finished two Tough Mudders
  • Completed a Civilian Military Combine
  • Participated and finished an adventure race in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and Colorado River