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Brian and Dan
CPL Stengel’s Vehicle

WWAFT’s Mission

“The loss of a limb or limbs does not mean the end of an athletic career.”

 The Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team’s (WWAFT) mission is to raise awareness and support for our wounded warriors and their families.

The team is made of up service members who have served and are now using a prosthetic device to engage in everyday life activities.  By showcasing our team on the football field, the WWAFT seeks to inspire our fans and highlight the perseverance of our service members (both active and former) who continue to face life’s challenges without excuses.

The WWAFT visits various cities across the country and endeavors to play exhibition games with current and retired professional athletes.  Taking on the best athletes is well within the scope of the WWAFT and emphasizes the fact that all veterans are able to contribute at home, ready to excel in the work place and continue to be great patriots and ambassadors for best country in the world.

 “Perseverance isn’t a goal; it’s a way of life.”